BCX Ultra Foot Detox Bath

We are now producing and selling our new foot bath machine. For some time we realized that using a foot bath after a
Rife treatment was a very good method to disgorge the toxins built up from using the frequencies. In other words the
herxes were greatly diminished. We have a woman who runs a whole clinic just using our frequency instruments and
foot baths.

Our BCX Ultra Foot Bath is very easy to use in dialing up the time and intensity. We will be using titanium plates to
reduce the release of oxidized metal in the water. Unfortunately, many people claim that all the scum that is visible in
the foot bath after a person has taken a foot bath is garbage coming out of the body. Most of it is the oxidized metal
that oxidized off the electrode from the electrolysis between the electrodes. Don’t believe us? Try running the foot
bath without any one using the unit and you will see pretty much the same color.

This isn’t to say that unwanted chemicals, heavy metals and other toxins aren’t being released when one is enjoying a
foot bath.

We will be using stainless steel electrodes and titanium electrodes for people who want to spend more. It is easy with
our design to have our fabricator prepare any metal we would desire to be used for our electrodes.

Our BCX Ultra Foot Bath will have the capability to be plugged in with our BCX Ultra which will give our foot bath a
double detoxing affect. Yes, while doing the foot bath you can use the frequencies for detox by using the Ultra

People are reporting getting some major detox by using the BCX Ultra and the BCX Ultra Foot Bath together. We
believe we are the only ones in the world that have the capability to simultaneously run a foot bath with Rife

We are finding that it takes 1 teaspoon or less of salt  to run our foot bath.   

Retail Price $1295.00      1-800-936-6240



1.     Turn power on after plugging the black cord from the wall to the rear of the BCX Ultra Foot Bath

2.     Either let the screen scroll to ‘Ready’ or for a faster response press the OK button until ‘Ready’ appears

3.     Press OK again and the time appears. To change the time duration up or down press the change plus and
change minus buttons to the desired time from 1-60 minutes. When you get to Soft start press for “no”

4.     Press again and it reads ‘Auto Off’

5.     Press OK again and “Plug In” appears

6.     Now, plug in the enclosed computer cord to the back of the BCX Ultra where it says auxiliary and to the back of
the BCX Ultra where it says auxiliary

7.     Plug the cord from the submergible electrode unit to the face plate of  the BCX Ultra where it says electrode

8.     Press OK again and it says start

9.     Press the start button

10. If you are low on salt it will say ‘ad salt’. Start with 1 rounded tablespoon. Sometimes less. This will depend on
how mineralized your water is and how much water you put in the plastic container. You should keep the water 1
inch below the center of the plastic screw, if the water touches the 2 shiny wires it will short out so the power isn’t
going through the electrodes. Remember to not have the container over filled after placing the feet in the water

11. Important: Run the BCX Ultra at square wave for all settings (including gate) and set to external  while operating
the foot bath at 100% amplitude. Start the BCX Ultra first before starting the foot bath. Run the BCX Ultra a little
longer than the set foot bath time because the foot bath will stop when the BCX Ultra stops. If using the foot plates is
desired, set the Ultra for electrodes plus external and set the electrodes at 20 for the amplitude

12. If the electrodes get dirty (after about 1 hour or a little sooner) the read out will say ‘clean electrodes’. Clean with
the enclosed sandpaper sticks

13.     If you have the solid electrodes in stainless steel or titanium you will be able to use the unit many hours
before they need sanding. Many people using the solid electrodes need less than a tablespoon of salt depending
on their water mineralization  

14.     To use the hand held metal cylinders while using the foot bath set the BCX Ultra to elect. +

15.     Our favorite container for the foot bath water, so far, is the sterilite 15 qt. Model # 1924. Sterilite tells us that it
is exclusive to Walmart. Sterilite also produces a handy dish pan type container, an 18 qt. Model #  0658 found at
Walmart and probably other stores.    

DETOX  WITH   FREQUENCIES     the only Foot Bath unit that can use Rife frequencies