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DISCLAIMER – This technology is not intended to prevent, diagnosis, treat or cure any disease or condition. It is for experimental research only and we make NO claims stated or implied!
PLEASE Note – If you are ill or in poor health, see you health care professional  immediately. This device is for your own experimental research purposes only.
With almost 20yrs. Researching and manufacturing Rife Type Machines-designing the BCX Ultra and it's predecessors BCX-211& BCX-411, Biotec 2000),As one of the oldest     
frequency instrument manufacturers in the world, we have had more time to dial it in, fine tune and learn how to make exciting improvements on this amazing technology.
The Advanced BCX ULTRA Radio Frequency Plasma Ray Tube brings Rife-type radio frequency instrumentation
                     into the 21st Century with unequalled  precision and performance.   
Whitman technology is TOTALLY committed to research & development please contact one of our qualified distributors.